Shapers you should know, Volume 1: Greg Eavey


So there I am, minding my own business at the Washout, perched on the back of my truck after a fun session. And then I see her. 5’2″ and sassy. I tried not to stare; after all, she was tucked under my pal Jake’s arm. But he saw me checking her out.

Jake: “Like what you see, eh?”
Me: “Um, yeah, I guess I do. Mind if I take her out?”
Jake: “For sure. Heck, I’m actually trying to get rid of her. She’s a little wide across the middle for me.”

A few weeks later I called Jake and made her mine. She’s a Simmons inspired freak show with glassed in twin fins, generous tail, a dye job to die for, and fast as hell, just like I like ’em. I’d seen Greg Eavey’s shapes before, but I’d never ridden one before Sunday when I took my newly acquired Eavey Rider out for a test run. Five hours and two rubbery arms later and I was hooked. The waves were 2-3 feet, nothing special, but the board under my feet sure was.

Get your Eavey Rider at Sweetwater Surf Shop in Wrightsville Beach and Ocean Surf Shop on Folly Beach.

Here’s a great write up in Wrightsville Beach magazine about Eavey and his creations.


eavey        eavey3


Portable snacks = max schwacks


When your days are packed with work and other responsibilities, it can be hard to eat healthy. We’ve all been there: There’s a swell and you’re desperately trying to get to the beach in a hurry, but you’re starving and need to get some food in the belly. The choices are dire: Tough it out and skip a meal or hit the deadly drive thru. Here’s another option: portable, easy to make snacks and meals that are healthy and full of protein. Check out this great article from Daily Burn and free up some surf time!