Ollie interviews Board Grab founder Tony Cannella


As surfers, we know the hassle in finding the best board without breaking the bank. What’s the perfect dimension? Does it have too much rocker? Is the board light? Fiberglass or Epoxy? All of these questions come to mind. However there is a solution to our troubles! Surfers, gather around and let me introduce you to good friend Anthony Cannella! Anthony is the owner and founder of Board Grab. This new company has been recognized on the East Coast for its array of reasonably priced boards. On August 22nd I contacted Anthony to have an interview about his unique business.

AC: Hey Ollie, how’s it going man!

O: Great thanks! It has been a super busy summer!

AC: I completely understand! What have you got for me!

O: Where is Board Grab based? I know you have a loyal following in the Charleston/Folly Beach area.

AC: We are based in Virginia. I started BG about a year ago– we had a partner on Folly Beach who is no longer with us but we are continuing to build a reputation down there. Charleston was actually our test market and a lot of people loved us down there and we loved the people.

O: Yeah man sick! I know a lot of surfers definitely don’t want to go out and buy brand new boards full price. It’s so expensive.

AC: Yeah especially with people who are just trying it out and wanting to buy a board.

O: For sure, Where’d you get the idea of BG (Board Grab)?
AC: I actually got the idea when I bought a brand new board and the whole process was such a hassle. I bought the board and ended up banging it up the first time I rode it after being kicked out of a wave. At that point I said to myself I’m never buying a new board again.After that I started looking for used boards that were good for me and I just thought there would have to be a better way to find discounted boards.

O: Oh okay cool, yeah I remember my first encounter with you guys like early 2015 on instagram and I thought it was such a great idea.

AC: Yeah we sell all boards, used boards and relatively new ones that are discounted. Generally last year models that surf shops need to get out of the shop to make revenue.

O: Sweet. I’m definitely going to go and take at look at your site again–I want another good shortboard for sure!…. What do you think makes Board Grab so unique than say like Degree 33 who does sell discounted boards or other shops?

AC: With Board Grab we encourage surf shop support! What we do is we not only make it easier for people to find and purchase boards, but also we’re driving business back into surf shops and supporting local shops. So a vote for us is a vote for your local surf shop! We also have the largest used surfboard selection that i’ve ever seen on the internet so it gives people a one stop shop for people to find their next dream board!

O: Wow, that’s awesome! So do you have your own facility or you’re strictly online?

AC: Yeah we just partner with local shops to catalog different boards that they have, but when someone sees a board they want we send the person over to the shop to pick it up or they contact the shop to have it shipped to them. Which provides more traffic and customer opportunities to the shop.

O: Gotcha, you guys are killing it with your market strategy. That’s awesome! All local surf shops need support for sure. Are there any cool new boards that you guys will be showcasing this year?

AC: Umm we are not sure (laughs) we may have a couple of surprises! However we’re still figuring out our promo items. We’re currently sponsoring a few events this year so we’re just trying to figure what boards to bring out.

O: Cool , because you know I am DEFINITELY going to try and snag a board from you guys! (laughing out loud)

AC: Yeah Ollie just let us know when we are on the way to Charleston! If you see one, we can snag it on our way down!

O: Heck yeah brother! I’d love that man. Okay so just a little fun question to end this interview, what is your favorite place to surf?

AC: So far, when there are waves is Cisco in Nantucket, Massachusetts and Wilderness in Puerto Rico.

O: Massachusetts! No way, they have good waves there?

AC: Yeah man! It’s awesome because some days it will be really good and sometimes you will be the only person out with a lot of points breaking left and right.

O: Sweet. I’ll definitely have to check that spot out one day! It was great talking to you Anthony! I appreciate you taking the time to have this interview and I will definitely get in touch with you at the Film Fest this year!

AC: Sounds good Ollie, thank you again! Hope to see you soon! See ya

O: Later bro!

In conclusion, Board Grab definitely has a good thing going for them. Helping local surf shops out and bringing new used boards to surfers who are “ballin on the budget” is a win win in anyone’s book. I think we will definitely be seeing more of this up and coming board company in years to come. Surfers scrap up some cash and go get yourself a shred stick!!