Peyton Chitty, new screener for the 2017 Carolina Surf Film Festival

Each year, we like to bring in new screeners to help us decide on the film awards that we present to the winning films.

This year we’re really stoked to bring Peyton Chitty on the 2017 CSFF Screening Board.

Please take a minute to check out Peyton’s bio.

My name is Peyton Chitty and I am a lifelong surfer of thirty five years. I grew up in Virginia Beach and made my way south, spending most of my adult life in the Outer Banks before settling in Wilmington, NC thirteen years ago. I like to ride anything I can so shortboards, longboards, fins, and handplanes are all loads of fun for me! I used to frequently compete in ESA and other events, but nowadays I’m pretty much just a free surfer who may hit up the old man divisions every once and a while. Much thanks to CB Surf Shop for keeping me on their team!

For a day job, I’m a high school counselor and assistant cross country coach at Ashley High School, so I get to see the local surf rats and stay on them about their grades and such.

So now that my surfing and work resume is done, I’ll tell you all something else about me that you wouldn’t know unless I told you. In 2011 I received a total spinal discectomy that resulted in a titanium cage, plates, and screws in my C-6/7 area of my spine.  As part of my several month rehab I was only allowed to walk. Eventually, after logging so many miles walking I began jogging a little bit and then running. I entered a few races and started placing in my age group. My race distances got longer and I ended up doing a few half marathons and marathons. Well, during one of my races I suffered a cardiac event that was a result of an undiagnosed congenital heart defect. To make a long story short, I received a pacemaker in December 2015. I did not feel sorry for myself for one second. Instead, I made the decision that I would surf and run again.  Within a month I was running again and within a few months I was surfing again. Eleven months after my pacemaker I ran a personal record in the Outer Banks Marathon. Now I’m mere minutes from qualifying for Boston.

The reason I’m telling you all this is because I want to use any platform I can to reach people and tell them they do not need to be defined by circumstances or a diagnosis. I refuse to walk through life like a zombie waiting for a headshot to end a miserable existence. I’m going to live life as it’s meant to be lived. For me, surfing and running are the ultimate measures of living life to the fullest. Squeeze the juice out of every day then eat the rind!

I want to thank Chad and Carolina Surf Brand, as he has been such a great support and cheerleader for my journey and cause over the past few years. I’m super stoked to be a part of this film festival and blessed to be above ground!


2017 Carolina Surf Film Festival goes to Wilmington for a 2nd year!

We hope everyone is getting excited for the 2017 Carolina Surf Film Fests!! We definitely are as we’ve got a slew of awesome submitted films that we have the honor of showing.

The Wilmington festival will be held on October 13 & 14th at the new Watermans Brewing Company where Fibbers used to be. The fellas at Watermans did an amazing job remodeling that place! Of course we love this place as it has tridents everywhere!!


The first night of the Wilmington fest will be held inside of Watermans Brewing Company’s private room and will be limited to the first 110 Trident passes purchased. We’d be stoked to open this night up to everyone, but the private room has a fire code capacity, so we have to limit the amount of tickets for this night. On this first night of the fest, we’ll be showing some awesome films on Watermans high tech projector and holding some raffles as well for prizes from awesome companies like True Wetsuits, Superbrand clothing, Roark Revival, Sector9 Skateboards, Carolina Surf Brand and much more!

The second day of the Wilmington festival will have the full on fest feel! Local vendors and awesome companies will line the parking lot. Some of the rad vendors will be Howler Brothers, Kapani Kai, Aussie Island Surf Shop, Sunday’s Coffee, Tidal Jewelry, Shred Season and many more! We’ll have some live music to start the festival, then once it’s dark enough, we’ll start the films on the big screen! Surf cinema never looked better than when it’s projected onto a 28 foot screen!

Here’s some shots from last year at Greenfield Lake Amphitheater!

So get your tickets now for this years fest at and we’ll see ya there!!

Climate Change: A Global Reality


Photo and article by Mike Rhode, founding member of the Carolina Surf Conservancy

Saturday, July 16th the Charleston Community Leaders Institute held an all day forum at the Charleston County Public Library titled “Climate Change: A Global Reality”. Speakers presented information on how climate change has affected areas such as public health, local fisheries, and cultural landscapes. Mayor Tecklenburg spoke of Charleston’s resilience and our ability to pull together as a community. The primary focus of the meeting was to provide community leaders with the resources needed to enact change among local citizens. Although the problem of climate change is global in scale, one of the primary messages taken from the meeting was that each and every individual must be held accountable.
It’s no secret the “Low Country” has drainage challenges, anyone driving downtown during a king tide can attest to this. Laura Cabiness from the City of Charleston Department of Public Service presented on the Master Drainage and Floodplain Management Plan, describing what has been done to date and the prioritized recommended improvements. Projects such as a system of large storm water tunnels 140 feet below the city and storm water pump stations already proved successful during last year’s “storm of the century”. She also spoke about a federal grant that has also been received to fund a $154 million drainage improvement project which will relieve a 500 acre urban drainage basin and be the largest ever undertaken by the holy city.
While driving from downtown to James Island across the connector you may have noticed the large cranes working on Plum Island. Andy Fairey from the Charleston Water System described initiatives that have been taken to date on the Charleston Water System’s Water Treatment Facility, and stated that our plant can now withstand the storm surge of a category five hurricane and continue to function. This comes as a comfort to those of us that have been through dangerous storms and realize how important clean water is, especially during these times.
Several more presenters from MUSC, Allen University, the U.S, Department of Energy, and local neighborhood associations reported on the actions that are being taken at the municipal level, and it is a testament to our city that so many people are working tirelessly to protect it. However, there were also many empty seats at the meeting leaving me to worry that our community is either apathetic or hopeless when it comes to climate change issues. After all, climate is such a large, global problem that people understandably feel their actions don’t matter. And honestly, any individual acting alone is not going to make a big difference in greenhouse gas emissions. But we aren’t individuals, we are Charleston, a beautiful historic city that has been here for hundreds of years that we want to live on for hundreds more. It’s time to make some changes in how we live. To start, I recommend using this carbon foot print calculator from the Nature Conservancy to see how you compare to average Americans and others worldwide. Then go back and recalculate your footprint with some small changes like limiting air travel or meat consumption. You might be surprised what a difference these make!
And continue to visit us here at CSB where we are going to be bringing you fresh ideas about how you can reduce your impact on the environment and get involved in local events to raise awareness and preserve Charleston’s beauty for generations to come!
In the meantime, here is the link to the Nature Conservancy carbon footprint calculator. Give it a shot and hopefully you can see how environmentally expensive some of your habits are and the places where you’ve made changes for the better:

Ollie interviews Board Grab founder Tony Cannella


As surfers, we know the hassle in finding the best board without breaking the bank. What’s the perfect dimension? Does it have too much rocker? Is the board light? Fiberglass or Epoxy? All of these questions come to mind. However there is a solution to our troubles! Surfers, gather around and let me introduce you to good friend Anthony Cannella! Anthony is the owner and founder of Board Grab. This new company has been recognized on the East Coast for its array of reasonably priced boards. On August 22nd I contacted Anthony to have an interview about his unique business.

AC: Hey Ollie, how’s it going man!

O: Great thanks! It has been a super busy summer!

AC: I completely understand! What have you got for me!

O: Where is Board Grab based? I know you have a loyal following in the Charleston/Folly Beach area.

AC: We are based in Virginia. I started BG about a year ago– we had a partner on Folly Beach who is no longer with us but we are continuing to build a reputation down there. Charleston was actually our test market and a lot of people loved us down there and we loved the people.

O: Yeah man sick! I know a lot of surfers definitely don’t want to go out and buy brand new boards full price. It’s so expensive.

AC: Yeah especially with people who are just trying it out and wanting to buy a board.

O: For sure, Where’d you get the idea of BG (Board Grab)?
AC: I actually got the idea when I bought a brand new board and the whole process was such a hassle. I bought the board and ended up banging it up the first time I rode it after being kicked out of a wave. At that point I said to myself I’m never buying a new board again.After that I started looking for used boards that were good for me and I just thought there would have to be a better way to find discounted boards.

O: Oh okay cool, yeah I remember my first encounter with you guys like early 2015 on instagram and I thought it was such a great idea.

AC: Yeah we sell all boards, used boards and relatively new ones that are discounted. Generally last year models that surf shops need to get out of the shop to make revenue.

O: Sweet. I’m definitely going to go and take at look at your site again–I want another good shortboard for sure!…. What do you think makes Board Grab so unique than say like Degree 33 who does sell discounted boards or other shops?

AC: With Board Grab we encourage surf shop support! What we do is we not only make it easier for people to find and purchase boards, but also we’re driving business back into surf shops and supporting local shops. So a vote for us is a vote for your local surf shop! We also have the largest used surfboard selection that i’ve ever seen on the internet so it gives people a one stop shop for people to find their next dream board!

O: Wow, that’s awesome! So do you have your own facility or you’re strictly online?

AC: Yeah we just partner with local shops to catalog different boards that they have, but when someone sees a board they want we send the person over to the shop to pick it up or they contact the shop to have it shipped to them. Which provides more traffic and customer opportunities to the shop.

O: Gotcha, you guys are killing it with your market strategy. That’s awesome! All local surf shops need support for sure. Are there any cool new boards that you guys will be showcasing this year?

AC: Umm we are not sure (laughs) we may have a couple of surprises! However we’re still figuring out our promo items. We’re currently sponsoring a few events this year so we’re just trying to figure what boards to bring out.

O: Cool , because you know I am DEFINITELY going to try and snag a board from you guys! (laughing out loud)

AC: Yeah Ollie just let us know when we are on the way to Charleston! If you see one, we can snag it on our way down!

O: Heck yeah brother! I’d love that man. Okay so just a little fun question to end this interview, what is your favorite place to surf?

AC: So far, when there are waves is Cisco in Nantucket, Massachusetts and Wilderness in Puerto Rico.

O: Massachusetts! No way, they have good waves there?

AC: Yeah man! It’s awesome because some days it will be really good and sometimes you will be the only person out with a lot of points breaking left and right.

O: Sweet. I’ll definitely have to check that spot out one day! It was great talking to you Anthony! I appreciate you taking the time to have this interview and I will definitely get in touch with you at the Film Fest this year!

AC: Sounds good Ollie, thank you again! Hope to see you soon! See ya

O: Later bro!

In conclusion, Board Grab definitely has a good thing going for them. Helping local surf shops out and bringing new used boards to surfers who are “ballin on the budget” is a win win in anyone’s book. I think we will definitely be seeing more of this up and coming board company in years to come. Surfers scrap up some cash and go get yourself a shred stick!!

Shapers you should know, Volume 1: Greg Eavey


So there I am, minding my own business at the Washout, perched on the back of my truck after a fun session. And then I see her. 5’2″ and sassy. I tried not to stare; after all, she was tucked under my pal Jake’s arm. But he saw me checking her out.

Jake: “Like what you see, eh?”
Me: “Um, yeah, I guess I do. Mind if I take her out?”
Jake: “For sure. Heck, I’m actually trying to get rid of her. She’s a little wide across the middle for me.”

A few weeks later I called Jake and made her mine. She’s a Simmons inspired freak show with glassed in twin fins, generous tail, a dye job to die for, and fast as hell, just like I like ’em. I’d seen Greg Eavey’s shapes before, but I’d never ridden one before Sunday when I took my newly acquired Eavey Rider out for a test run. Five hours and two rubbery arms later and I was hooked. The waves were 2-3 feet, nothing special, but the board under my feet sure was.

Get your Eavey Rider at Sweetwater Surf Shop in Wrightsville Beach and Ocean Surf Shop on Folly Beach.

Here’s a great write up in Wrightsville Beach magazine about Eavey and his creations.


eavey        eavey3

Portable snacks = max schwacks


When your days are packed with work and other responsibilities, it can be hard to eat healthy. We’ve all been there: There’s a swell and you’re desperately trying to get to the beach in a hurry, but you’re starving and need to get some food in the belly. The choices are dire: Tough it out and skip a meal or hit the deadly drive thru. Here’s another option: portable, easy to make snacks and meals that are healthy and full of protein. Check out this great article from Daily Burn and free up some surf time!

Top 10 Reasons to go to the Carolina Surf Film Festival

Surf films are a vital part of surf culture. Aside from the entertainment value, they document the evolution of wave riding and the many facets of the lifestyle. Some are pure comedy gold (think Sterling Spencer), while others have a more documentary approach. We love ’em all, so we put on an annual festival to bring the surfing community together for two days of great films, amazing food, vendors, and lots of aloha. For those who haven’t purchased tickets yet, here are 10 reasons you should yours up before they sell out:

1. Art: We’ll have exhibits by amazing surf photographers, painters, and sculptors. If you dig surf art, you’ll be in good company at the fest.

2. The Venues: There’s something magical about watching surf flicks under the stars. We choose our venues with natural beauty in mind. In Charleston you can enjoy the festival surrounded by majestic live oaks at Brickhouse Party Plantation, and in Wilmington, you’ll be greeted by the beauty of the park and gardens at Greenfield Lake Amphitheater.

3. The food. Mex 1, Mellow Mushroom, to name a few, will be on hand serving up the tastiest treats.

4. BEER!! With standout craft brewers like Stone and Coast brewing on hand, your tastebuds will be stoked. (Remember to drink responsibly. Live to surf another day is our motto.)

5. Chad Davis will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about growing a magnificent red beard.

6. Giveaways!! Enter to win art, surfboards, skateboards, clothes, and all sorts of other rad gear.

7. You’ll be supporting great non profits such as Surfers Healing, Charleston Waterkeeper, and Surfrider Foundation. CSFF is honored to be able to raise money and awareness for our non profit partners who do so much for the community. Help us help them. Come to the fest(s)!

8. All of your friends will be there!

9. Bill Murray may be there. You never know. He shows up all over the place. Dude loves to party.

10. You know each and every film will be hand selected by a stellar judging panel, including one of our heroes, the legendary Ian Cairns!!

We’ll see you at the fest!
Snag some tix at: